Buffalo Killers Will Perform at SXSW 2014

Buffalo Killers are a  hook-heavy homegrown rock ‘n’ roll band from Ohio, lead by songwriting brothers Zachary and Andrew Gabbard. The band has drawn the attention of big names such as Chris Robinson, who invited them to open a string of dates for The Black Crowes, and Dan Auerbach from The Black Keys, who produced their sophomore effort “Let It Ride,” to name a few.
On their fifth full-length album Heavy Reverie, The group worked with platinum producer Jim Wirt who is known for his work with Incubus, Fiona Apple, and many others. The record will be officially released on May 13th through Sun Pedal Recordings (distributed by Warner/ADA).
So if you plan to attend this year’s SXSW, come see the band at their select appearances below and find out why Chris Robinson said they’re “one of the best (expletive) rock ‘n’ roll bands in the world.” and find out why Dan Auerbach was “stunned” when he heard their first album.
SXSW Day Party @ Botticelli’s – 3/14 – Austin, TX – 6PM
SXSW New Frontier Touring Showcase @ Holy Mountain – 3/15 – Austin, TX – 12AM
Uncle Doug’s Chili Dog Fest V @ The Side Bar – 3/16 – Austin, TX – 6:15PM
“Heavy on the heavy and with plenty of hooks” – High Times
“There’s something in the water in Ohio, and Buffalo Killers have sucked it down and are ready to share it far and wide” Hittin’ The Note
“The Cincinnati group keeps evolving into something bigger and with their last several releases they have established themselves as an act to follow.” – The Fire Note
“They’re Chris Robinson-endorsed and definitely have that rootsy sway of The Black Crowes at their finest – but there’s a stomp and a stamp that Buffalo Killers have produced that is all their own.” – Off The Tracks

“Buffalo Killers take aim at garage, swamp blues, ’60s psych, Canyon harmonies and Southern roots and land their prey every time.” – Nigel Williamson / UNCUT

“Golden nostalgic bliss…Cincinnati’s incredible Buffalo Killers will show you exactly where Kings of Leon went wrong.” – Chris Deville / THE COLUMBUS DISPATCH

“Not many bands have mined a late hippie-era approach with more satisfying results.” – Mark Deming / ALL MUSIC

“Big riffs rule, and at no time more than the ’70s did they dominate the airwaves. Cincinnati’s Buffalo Killers evoke the blurry Polaroid sounds of those years, grooving like Foghat one minute, recalling the melodic gold of Badfinger another, and utterly, unironically rocking like ZZ Top. There’s nothing quite as simple and effective as a “’power trio.’ The three were members of the dearly departed garage rock outfit Thee Shams, but Buffalo Killers isn’t three chord frat rock at all. The songs are thick and greasy, and listening to the trio live, you can see why they’ve made fans of The Black Keys and The Black Crows.” – Jason Woodbury / PHOENIX NEW TIMES

“Buffalo Killers definitely have a cool Joe Walsh/James Gang influence in their sound. I dig ‘em.” – Alice Cooper / NIGHTS WITH ALICE COOPER

“Cincinnati trio Buffalo Killers find that drawing from ‘60s and ‘70s rock icons continues to provide fresh ideas filled with a tunefulness and musical vocabulary that is indebted to rock’s golden era with a refreshing vibrancy.” – Kyle Melton / DAYTON CITY PAPER


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